Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Resources Wanted!

Helllooo out there!  The FHDNews Blog has been pretty quiet.  I asked around and found out that the Family History Day (FHD) organizers are still, well, organizing.  So let's do something in the meantime.

Resources.  Genealogists can't have too many.  Lists abound about the top 50, 100, etc.  Let's take it from a different angle, resources by level of researcher.  Since FHD2011 is primarily focused on the novice or beginning genealogist, let's create the FHD2011 list of top resources for beginning genealogists.

 What resources would you suggest for
the beginning genealogist

Think introductory and basic resources that promote a good foundation for beginners.  Be creative, not all resources are online.  Submit your suggestions by email to fhdmailbox@gmail.com

There is no due date for submissions.  Anyone at any level of experience can make suggestions.  The list will only include resources, not the submitter's name.  The initial list will be posted after several submissions are received then updated as other resources are received.  I think the list you help create will make a great handout at FHD2011 also.   Thanks for your participation!