Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Last Book of Photo Memories for Family History Day 2011

Enjoy the last series of pictures taken at Family History Day.  Like the previous pictures posted, they truly capture the essence of the Day through the many examples of genealogical kindness.  Attendees received genealogical education in various forms - from speakers during and after classes to exhibitors in between classes. The photos of John Jay and Melinda Kashuba in their classrooms reflect scenes that were repeated throughout the day.  Verna Hazelbaker, directly below in period attire, was one of many representatives of genealogical, lineage and archival organizations who searched the internet for beginning genealogists. The juxtaposition of Ms. Hazelbaker in period attire using a computer was a phenomenal addition to the scenery!
Thank you to Charlene Eberwine, Lois Shumaker and Rick Hanson from Root Cellar Sacramento Genealogical Society for providing some of these pictures. 
Verna Hazelbaker, President, Daughters of the Utah Pioneers Sacramento Company,
shown helping an attendee with an internet search

Ed Lucky, Sacramento Regional Family History Center, helping an attendee

Pamela Dallas presenting her class on cemetery research.
Pamela also presented a class about finding female ancestors.

Glenda Lloyd presenting at her class on using vital records. \
 Glenda also prented a class about how to begin your genealogy.

Cath Madden Trindle presented a class about researching California
 using the website and about researching with Google

Pardon my embarrassment - I don't know the names of each of these
Root Cellar Sacramento Genealogical Society!

From the left, Pat Hutchings (Sacramento Historic City Cemetery); Nancy Lenoil, State Archivist;
Verna Hazelbaker and Roberta Tanner (Daughters of the Utah Pioneers Sacramento Company) 

Katherine Weedman Cox (Cox Black and White Lab)
 helping an attendee with photographic preservation questions

This good-natured "Genealogist's Mate" came with his wife and sat in back while she attended class.
Denise Richmond "deputized" him once to guard the coveted handouts until ready for dispersing.
By the way, 'thanks again'!

John Jay (center) (Workshop Facilitator, Root Cellar Sacramento Genealogical Society)
answers questions after his presentation about the very basics of DNA testing for genealogy.

Sebastian Nelson (r) and another archivist at the State Archives caught in the act of helping an attendee. 
Sebastian also presented a class on heraldry and led a tour of the State Archives.  

Contact the Paradise Genealogical Society ( for copies of this comic book,
 a fun tool for introducing youth to genealogy

Barbara Leak presented a class about getting and keeping genealogical research organized.
Barbara also presented a class was about evidence, ensuring your facts are proven. 

Melinda Kashuba, shown here with an attendee, presented a class about using maps in genealogical research.
  Melinda also presented a class about Civil War genealogy.

Katherine Borges beginning her two-part presentation about DNA

Katherine Borges is showing DNA results

Members of the Genealogical Association of Sacramento (GAS)

Pat Johnson (r) (Center for Sacramento History) enjoying a visit
from Bob (Jewish Genealogical Society of Sacramento)

Members of the California Genealogical Society

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