Friday, October 21, 2011

Sharing the Family History Day Experience

A big thank you to Marilyn Peters from the El Dorado Hills Genealogical Society for submitting the following review of Family History Day 2011 and the first annual Sacramento Archives Crawl. 

At the October 19th genealogy meeting of the El Dorado Hills Genealogical Society members and guests were entertained by seven members who attended the Family History Day on Saturday, October 15th at the California State Archives. The seven attendees enthusiastically reported about the fun they had and gave short talks about 14 of the 26 classes offered.  Questions and short discussions followed each presentation.  Handouts from the classes were copied in different colored paper and arranged in a booklet which was handed to each member as they arrived.
For the last ten minutes, another member shared his experience at the Archives Crawl which was held on October 1st in Sacramento.
Members and guests were impressed with all the information they learned in one and a half hours. They went home with many new ideas to try as they continue their genealogy research and with the thoughts that they want to attend Family History Day next year.

The El Dorado Hills Genealogical Library meets at 6:15pm on the third Wednesday of the month at the El Dorado Hills Library, 7455 Silva Valley Parkway, El Dorado Hills, CA.  Questions? Contact us!.

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