Friday, September 23, 2011

Katherine Hope Borges, Speaker at Family History Day

Please welcome Katherine Hope Borges as a speaker at Family History Day at the California State Archives.

Katherine Hope Borges is the Co-Founder and Director of The International Society of Genetic Genealogy (ISOGG), which promotes and educates about genetic genealogy.  ISOGG has grown to over 8,000 members in 66 countries.

Through ISOGG, Katherine has increased professional standards in the practice, research, and discussion of relevant issues in DNA testing, interpretation, and ethics. She organized a speakers bureau and has given many presentations on genetic genealogy to groups across the United States and in the United Kingdom. She administers several surname, regional, and haplogroup DNA projects.

Katherine Hope Borges will be presenting two classes: I've DNA Tested, Now What, Part 1 and Part 2. This two-part class will answer your questions about what steps to take next, what the results mean, what projects you should join, and more.

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