Sunday, September 18, 2011

Kathy Burrow, Speaker at Family History Day

Please welcome Kathy Burrow as a speaker at Family History Day at the California State Archives.

Kathy Burrow has over 40 years experience in researching records, specializing in southern, and mid-western states, data entry, and adult education classes.  Kathy currently serves as training director of the Oakhurst [Madera County, California] Family History Center, working with senior citizens as they learn the research and computer skills necessary to complete their own family history projects.

On a monthly basis, Kathy teaches adult genealogy classes in the Oakhurst area and is a well-known genealogy speaker for numerous societies and Daughters of the American Revolution chapters throughout the Central Valley.  She has also served as past editor for the Ash Tree Echo for the Fresno County Genealogy Society and has recently created her own  genealogy blog which can be viewed at

Kathy Burrow will be presenting two classes:

(1) Genealogical Software Aids for Data Organization:  Organizing your research so that the next generation will want to use it may require the use of a genealogy software program. This class will introduce some of the more popular genealogy software programs as well as some of the online databases you can use.  We will discuss the advantages of having your family on your own personal database at home over only keeping it in an online database. We will also talk about the value of having your research well-documented and organized. This is an excellent class for the beginner.

(2) Adding History to My Patriot: Make your patriot come alive. Tell their stories using the resources of the internet and in the libraries.  Use Google Earth  to add pictures of battle grounds and regiment histories to add meat to the facts you have collected about your ancestors.  Create that book that will bring tears to your eyes as you realize all that your forebears did to allow you the freedoms you enjoy today. This is an excellent class for anyone wanting to add history to their ancestors.  The tools taught in this class can be applied to any ancestor.

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